Happy Teachers will Change the World

logostampAugust 11-16 | Mindfulness Retreat for Educators
Brock University, St. Catherines, Ontario

We invite you to participate in a mindfulness retreat led by internationally respected peace activist and Zen Master Thích Nhat Hanh and monastics in the tradition of Plum Village, along with international guest speakers from the field of mindfulness in education.


To put your name on the waiting list, please complete this form.  

May peace be with you.

The retreat will be 5 days and will take place at Brock University in St. Catherines, Ontario, located between Niagara Falls and Toronto, and sitting atop the Niagara Escarpment in a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. It will be fully residential with all accommodation on campus.

The event is a special retreat focused on educators. It is a unique opportunity for educators to practice mindfulness together and with non-educators. It will include international guest speakers from the field of mindfulness and education.

More details about the retreat are available here.

The retreat is open to all, as we recognize the importance of the greater community in the undertaking of change and support for the education system. At least half the spots will be reserved specifically for those in the field of education, including school, college, and university teachers, administrators, guidance counsellors, youth workers and social workers, as well as teachers of mindfulness, yoga and related fields.

Retreat Fees
Retreat fees include your room, meals, and the full retreat program. Fees between $710 and $885 plus 13% harmonized sales tax (HST) for adults.

  • Teens 13 – 17 are expected to enjoy retreat pricing from $445 to $545. There is a teen program.
  • Children 5 – 12 are expected to enjoy retreat pricing from $325 to $425. There is a kids program for children who are at least 5 years old.
  • Children 4 and under are free, but parents must share a single bed with them or bring something for them to sleep on. As a reminder, there is no child care or program for children under 5.


  • If you cancel on or before June 1, we will refund all except a $50 processing fee.
  • If you cancel on or before July 10, we will refund all except 25% of the fee.
  • If you cancel on or before August 8, we will refund 50% of the fee.
  • If you cancel after August 8, there will be no refund.

As with all our retreats, we encourage participants to share rides wherever possible in order to reduce the environmental aspect of traveling. Please use the commenting system below to make connections with other participants to offer rides and insights on reducing the impact.

  • Tania

    Curious about the children’s program and what it will look like. Is it mindfulness for kids or babysitting?

    • http://kenleyneufeld.com Kenley Neufeld

      The program is for children ages 6-12 and is an engaged program about the practice for children. Certainly playing is involved too, but it is all guided and supported by monastics and other staff.

      • Tania

        Thanks so much for the quick reply! Sounds fantastic!

  • Candace

    looking for transportation (car share/pool) from retreat to Blue Cliff, being I’m working as staff at BC I need to be there by the 18th. Willing to split tolls/gas, help with driving if needed.

  • http://www.facebook.com/ruth.jenkins.750 Ruth Jenkins

    Just wondering if there are any spots left for the Brock retreat. Does anyone know about this? Please let me know!

    • http://kenleyneufeld.com Kenley Neufeld

      Follow the registration link above; as far as I know there they are sold out of all rooms except single rooms in a townhouse, they have recently able to add a number of these rooms. Each townhouse has 3 single rooms, along with a double room (but these are sold out).

  • Sally Seiffer

    I am arriving in Buffalo, New York at 12:45 on the 11th. I am planning on taking the Niagra Bus shuttle unless someone out there has a better idea? Does anyone know about using a different form of identification other than a passport…a passcard?