The Country of the Present Moment: Wisdom for Global Peace and Happiness

158x109 BeaconSeptember 7, 3:00pm | Public Talk

Thich Nhat Hanh will give a talk at the Beacon Theatre in New York City with the theme The Country of the Present Moment: Wisdom for Global Peace and Happiness. The program will include guided meditation, singing, monastic chanting, and a talk from Thich Nhat Hanh. He will explore how mindfulness practice and meditation can bring about inner peace and affect the people around you and the world. 

Online via Ticketmaster
In person: Beacon Theatre Box Office, 2124 Broadway, NY

Prices: $45, $55, $65
$30 (limited number of tickets for students, veterans, seniors – only available for purchase at the venue box office with a valid photo ID)


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  • ChickStar

    Yeah can’t wait!

  • drctx

    breathing in, I wait patiently for the tickets to go on sale, breathing out, I smile :)

    • Kenley Neufeld

      We’ve just confirmed that tickets will go on sale June 21, 2013 at 11:00am.

  • Andrew Cifuentes

    i can’t wait for this :)

  • joanna

    Hi! I hope you can help me with the event on Sept 7, 2013.  The websites say that tickets will be on sale June 14 for Thich Nat Hahn’s talk but neither Ticketmaster or the Beacon Theatre have any news of this yet.  Please let me know how I can get tickets.

    I , and some friends want so much to hear Thick Nat Hahn, we never have.  Thank you so much for your help with this.



    • Kenley Neufeld

      Updated June 14: Tickets will be on sale toward the end of June. Please return here to see the exact date.

      Thank you for the patience and understanding.

    • Kenley Neufeld

      Tickets on sale June 21, 2013 at 11:00am.

  • sevenlas

    will this be in english or vietnamese?

    • Kenley Neufeld

      All events on the North American tour are in English unless otherwise noted. The public talk in NY will be in English.

  • marie jackson

    i’m arranging for transportation. do you know how long this event will be?

    • Kenley Neufeld

      The event will likely end between 5pm-5:30pm.

  • Jake

    Does anyone know how to purchase student tickets? I called the box office and they did not have a record of this?

    • Kenley Neufeld

      The venue has told us “a limited number of tickets for students, veterans, seniors – only available for purchase at the venue box office with a valid photo ID.” I suggest you visit the box office during their open hours or perhaps they are sold out of student tickets already?

  • May

    Hi, I just tried to click on the ticketmaster link but it says that tickets are not available online. Is this event sold out? If not, how can I purchase a ticket?

    • Kenley Neufeld

      Please try the link again; perhaps Ticketmaster was having difficulty with their site? I just tested the link and it did work and I was able to select seats. The event is not sold out yet.

  • Jennie Perez

    I have purchased my ticket……so looking forward to such an event!

  • Galeet Farrow

    If anyone has tickets and can not make it I woul dlove to purchase. Thanks you. Galeet

  • Tini Moreno

    Hello! I would like to know if the conference in NYC at Beacon Theater is sold out because when i want to buy the tkts it says there´s no tkt available online. Do you know if the day of the event will be tkts available fro purchase at the entrance? thank you very much!

  • Claire Bedard

    Tiny and Galeet, and anyone wishing to obtain last minute tickets, I have a few tickets I purchased months ago but I am unable to go. Kindly contact me at

  • Clay Williams

    I’m so looking forward to attending with the members of Living Christ Sangha!

  • Monika Cornier

    I have extra ticket! Call me 917-703-5876

  • mary

    I have a ticket that I can’t use due to illness. Please call me at 973-865-7270

  • Kathryn Mertz

    Will there be an audio or video of the talk available? It was wonderful!

    • Kenley Neufeld

      We typically don’t have audio or video available to distribute from our public talks, primarily due to the high cost, but we do plan to live stream one of our west coast public talks next month.

      • Kathryn Mertz

        Okay. Thanks. I know that Blue Cliff has sold the Dharma talks from the retreats in the past, so I was just hoping…. :-)

        • Kenley Neufeld

          Yes, the talks from retreats are usually available and we try to provide from the public talks but it’s not always possible. You can follow as it will be posted there if it’s every released.