Healing Yourself is Healing the World

Walking MeditationSeptember 24-29 | Mindfulness Retreat in English
Magnolia Grove Monastery, Batesville, Mississippi

As of May 17, dorm and hut space are sold out (waiting list available). You may register for camping or commuter options. Download, complete, and send the registration form: PDF or Word

The English retreat, with the theme Healing Yourself is Healing the World, is one of five retreats that are being offered in our practice centers in the US in 2013.The retreat will be led by Thich Nhat Hanh along with the monks and nuns of Deer Park Monastery, Magnolia Grove Monastery, Blue Cliff Monastery, and Plum Village.

The retreat is open to all, including beginners, those who have previously attended retreats, and families with children. The first part of the talks are normally dedicated to children. The nuns, monks and staff members will lead a mindfulness practice program for teens (ages 13-17). A similar program focused on children ages 6 to 12 years old will also be available. Children under 6 are welcome to join the retreat under the care of their parent but there is no formal program.

We welcome the participation of people from all backgrounds, regardless of ethnic origin, race, cultural background, socio-economic class, age, gender, sexual orientation, or physical ability.

We are committed to fostering a practice environment where all may touch the Dharma and find healing and nourishment.

As with all our retreats, we encourage participants to share rides wherever possible in order to reduce the environmental aspect of traveling. Please use the commenting system below to make connections with other participants to offer rides and insights on reducing the impact.

Learn more about the retreat at Magnolia Grove Monastery.

Some advertising had originally listed this retreat as September 19-24 but the correct dates are September 24-29.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/jospring Joan Schaublin

    I will be traveling from Bloomington, In. for the Sept. English retreat. Does anyone want to share the ride? I will also have a tent if any females would like to share.

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=5524269 Jessie Boblick

      Hi Joan!
      I am sending in my form today (camping option) so if I do make it in, I would love to ride with you and share a tent! I a planning to drive from Chicago, so Indiana is on my way! If you have Facebook, you can add me so we can discuss. Otherwise, please email me at jessica.boblick@gmail.com. Getting excited!
      Jessie Boblick :)

  • Billy Fuston

    Would love to join you all. I am on limited income and I can’t afford this much. I will be there in spiritual meditation that I can afford and do so daily. So in doing nothing I’ll get the ten thousand things done. Hope to see all passing on our Taos. Peace

  • Phyllis white

    I’m driving from Virginia, over 800 miles! Would appreciate a place to stay the night before, Sept. 23 in the area, Memphis or within a few hours east and perhaps for the night of the last day (just noticed day of mindfulness so may try and stay for that). Could also pick up someone along the way. Would also appreciate a place to stay in or around Nashville to visit cousins who already have a house full of kids and animals, and possibly a stopover between Nashville and Memphis. Hope to visit Smokies also. Thanks for your assistance! Peace.

  • Judy Brodkey

    I am from Portland, Oregon and will be attending the retreat. If anyone else is attending from the Portland metro area, I’m interested in connecting with you prior to the retreat. If you’re on Linked In you can contact me there or just leave a message here and we’ll figure out how to get in touch.

    • Jill Severson

      Hi Judy Brodkey! I have not registered yet and want to attend. If I
      register, may I find you still at OMA? I am also from Portland, Oregon.
      Best wishes, Jill

  • Bettina Gribben

    I am from Birmingham, AL and will be attending the retreat. I’ m interested in getting in touch with people from Birmingham, who also plan on being there, and discuss driving there together.

    • Phyllis white

      I am driving from Virginia and can probably pick up one person (I will have camping gear, luggage and other gear). It would be great if I could spend the night before with someone who may or may not be going. I am very considerate, clean, friendly and attend a weekly sangha in Charlottesville, VA. I can provide references! Thank you. Phyllisdj at hotmail dot com

      • Phyllis white

        Clarification: I’d like to spend the night before in Memphis or general area so as to be able to get to Magnolia around 1 to set up camp. Phyllis

      • Kate Bordley

        Hi Phyllis,

        Please see my post above. Perhaps we can work something out if you have not already solidified your plans.



      • Michelle Muldoon

        Dear Phyllis: Greetings. I live in Northern VA and am looking for a ride back from Memphis going northeast to anywhere within 2 hours of DC/Northern VA (I have a one-way flight to get to Memphis). Are you stopping on your way back? Would share costs, of course. Let me know. Thanks! Michelle

        • Phyllis White

          Michelle, I am not sure of my return plans yet, may stop back into Nashville and Boone NC to visit family/friends and do additional exploring weather permitting. If I decide to head straight back to Charlottesville there will be 1-2 overnights as it’s too long for me to do in one stretch. Possible camping. My email: phyllisdj at hotmail

          • Michelle Muldoon

            Hi Phyllis, Thanks for your consideration. I think I’ve found a ride back. Thanks again, Michelle

    • Leslie Dollar

      Hi Bettina, I’m still waiting on my confirmation but hopefully will be driving from the Trussville area. We’re you able to connect with any others from this area?

      • Bettina Gribben

        Hello Leslie.
        Thank you for your message. So far there are no others from this area that responded. My email is bettinagribben@gmail.com. Please contact me so that we can discuss driving together.

  • Candie

    Attention S.E. Florida Residents
    I will be starting a SE Florida Sangha in October near the Wellington, Boynton, Delray area. If you are interested in participating in sangha, please contact me.

    • Phyllis white

      Candie, If I’m in Florida this winter in your vicinity I’ll be very happy to have a sangha to attend! Know of a room for rent for the winter?!

      • Candie

        Sorry Phyllis, I don’t. I’m new to the area moved here in March. The closest Sangha is a 50 – 60 minute drive and I will be moving an additional 45 minutes away in the fall. Therefore, that is why I am starting a new Sangha. If I hear of something, I’ll let you know. Winters down here are very busy, so you need to be looking now.

  • Rebecca Krupp

    Driving from south MS (Sumrall) and would like to make contact with any others from the area who will be attending. .

    • Chris Jaco

      Hey Rebecca, I am coming from New Orleans and need a ride to the retreat. I believe I can make it as far as Sumrall. Are you still interested in a ride share?

  • Judy Brodkey

    Rides Needed During the Retreat – I’m going to be staying at the Quality Inn in Batesville.The hotels are close to each other. I will not have a car and there is no public transportation or taxicab service so I’d like to find a few people who can give me rides to and from the monastary/hotel some of the days of the retreat. I’m happy to help pay for gas. If you can help, please email me at Jlistbrod@aol.com with something about the retreat in the subject line (so I’ll know it’s not spam). Thanks!

  • Kate Bordley

    I can drive from Harrisburg Pa or possibly from Ashland Virginia. I can take one or two individuals depending on the gear in tow and whether or not my roommate comes along with me. Give me a post if you are interested

    • Michelle Muldoon

      Dear Kate (I also emailed Phyllis): Greetings. I live in Northern VA and am looking for a ride back from Memphis for just me, going northeast to anywhere within 2 hours of DC/Northern VA (I have a one-way flight to get to Memphis). Are you stopping on your way back? Would share costs, of course. Let me know. Thanks! Michelle

      • Kate Bordley

        Hi Michelle,

        Don’t know whether or not you got my first message but, I’d be happy to help you with a ride home. Please let me know either way.

        Kate Bordley

        • Michelle Muldoon

          HI Kate, I was trying to reply through my I Phone but having technical difficulties…. Briefly: Hi Kate, thanks for offering me a shared ride back to VA. I will gratefully & gladly take your offer! Pls email me at mfmuldoon@gmail.com. Thanks again. Michelle

  • Phyllis white

    Kate, I’ll be leaving home early to visit friends and family in Asheville and Nashville. Thanks and safe journey. I hope you find a carpooler.

  • sheila

    is it too late to register 2 people & stay in a hotel? something might have come up that would allow us to come. 2 women, ages 54 and 18.

    • http://kenleyneufeld.com Kenley Neufeld

      I have not been directly to remove the commuter registration option so you should complete the registration form linked above as soon as possible.

    • Michele Sandlin

      I have a friend here in Dallas, TX, who has two entrance tickets and a hotel reservation available… Madeline at mudashen@gmail.com

  • Tamsin Kilgannon

    I will be flying in to Memphis International Airport on September 24 at approximately 10:00 am and renting a compact car for travel to the monastery. If anyone is arriving at that time I could offer a ride to one or two people depending on how much gear they have. I have camping gear and suitcase.

    • timrann

      Hi Tamsin! Would love to join you if possible – will be arriving around that time as well. My email is timrann at gmail dot com. I won’t have much gear – just a tent, sleeping bag and small backpack.

      • Tamsin Kilgannon

        Hi , just checked site today. Will e mail after work.

    • Beatrice Anderson

      Greetings, I too will be arriving at the same time. Is it possible to also get a ride as well? Thank you for your lovely offer to community.

      • Tamsin Kilgannon

        Certainly we can try to fit everyone. I haven’t heard anything back from timrann yet. I tried replying via Disqus but wouldn’t go through. Let’s make plans via e-mail, tamsin.michele@gmail.com.

  • Beatrice Anderson

    Is anyone driving down from NYC?

    • melissa hull

      If you still need a ride I am driving down from RI and could pick you up in NYC.

      • Beatrice Anderson

        Melissa. I purchased my one way ticket there, but would be really interested in driving back together if you are up for it. Please feel free to email me, anderson.beatrice.rl@gmail.com

        • melissa hull

          I guess I was impatient. I didn’t hear from anyone about driving so I bought a round trip plane ticket. Sorry!

          • Beatrice Anderson

            ok. look forward to meeting you.

          • melissa hull

            Likewise :)

  • KJ

    This will be my first time attending the retreat- I am flying in and camping. What sorts of things do I need to pack as far as camping gear? Any info would be helpful. I am not trying to lug a lot with me on the plane :)

    • http://kenleyneufeld.com Kenley Neufeld

      Please review the What to Bring description on the monastery web site.

  • melissa hull

    I am planning on driving from cumberland ri if anyone needs a ride.

  • Randy Weeks

    I live 30 minutes from this and had heard it was happening, but just got the deadline for registration. Work prohibits me from attending the entire retreat. Is there provision for those who could come on the weekend and, if so, am I also too late for that?

    • http://kenleyneufeld.com Kenley Neufeld

      Hi Randy. Typically there is only complete registration and attendance available but you can contact the monastery directly and see if they will offer any alternatives.

  • brettbuchanan

    I’ll be joining from Austin Texas and would enjoy connecting with anyone nearby that wants to share a ride

  • Beatrice Anderson

    Greetings, I am hoping to find a place to stay the night from the 29th-30th in Memphis. Might anyone be willing to offer a sofa or bed for a night?

  • Laurie Hovell McMillin

    I’m wondering how food works during the retreat. I am planning on tenting, but am wondering what kind of arrangements I need to make, and thus how I should travel.