October 20 | Day of Mindfulness

A Day of Mindfulness, led by Thich Nhat Hanh, will take place at the Ocean of Peace Meditation Hall at Deer Park Monastery in Escondido, California. The day will begin at 9:00am and is open to everyone. No advance registration is required but a donation for the teaching and meal is welcome. Because the event is open to the public at no cost, attendees should plan on arriving early to allow time to park and walk to the meditation hall. A shuttle will be available for those unable to walk the distance from parking to the meditation hall.

As with all our events, we encourage participants to share rides wherever possible in order to reduce the environmental aspect of traveling. Please use the commenting system below to make connections with other participants to offer rides and insights on reducing the impact.

  • Joan Keefe

    I would like to be part of this day

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  • Jenn P

    I can’t wait to be apart of this.

  • Kyle

    my are we fortunate for this visit. i sure hope i can make the trip

  • lauriebidaho

    I will be there from Idaho! looking forward to this day!

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  • disqus_H3c6BVxPyi

    To lauriebidaho. My name is Pascuo and I live in Boise. Would love to see if we could travel together if you live close by.

  • Jeff Miller

    We Look Forward to Your Arrival

  • Marie-Annick Courtier

    I look forward coming to the Day of Mindfulness on October 20. I am not sure I understand if I need to register or not. When I wanted to register, it sent me here and its says it is open to the public for free. So unless anyone tells me differently, I assume I can just walk in that morning. Thanks for any comments! Marie

    • http://kenleyneufeld.com Kenley Neufeld

      Yes, your assumption is correct. Just show up on that day (give yourself enough time to park and walk to the meditation hall). Leave a donation if you feel if you are able.

      • Marie-Annick Courtier

        Thank you so much, Kenley, for your reply and I will gladly make a donation.

  • Michelle Bentcliff

    Thank you for this amazing opportunity to meet and meditate with Thich Nhat Hanh! I look forward to being there with everyone. ~Michelle

  • Dhanashri

    Anybody coming from Seattle Washington? I am very interested in this event. Thanks much!

    • Shahnti Ryan

      Hi, I live in Portland and would be interested in maybe traveling together. Were you thinking of driving down?

      • minhtam

        Hi, I’m also from Portland and will be flying and staying in San Diego. Let me know if you want to carpool to the monastery on Sunday.

  • Mary Gray Clark

    Do I need to bring my own cushion for sitting?

    • http://kenleyneufeld.com Kenley Neufeld

      The monastery should have sufficient cushions and chairs for you for the day of mindfulness.

      • Mary Gray Clark

        Thank you, I don’t mind bringing one if needed. Look forward to the experience. I dreamed about it last night.

  • Punkmouse

    This sounds amazing. I’m guessing quite a few people attend… Since there’s no registration, is there a chance that someone could show up and there wouldn’t be enough space/they’d be turned away? What time is it recommended to be there in order to guarantee a space?

    • http://kenleyneufeld.com Kenley Neufeld

      This will be a very full event and the monastery will be packed. In past years, nobody has been turned away (we have several hundred acres!) but you should come earlier rather than later. My suggestion is get there no later than 8am.

  • Kimchi

    I’m new to the Zen Master’s teachings. Would one recommend I attend the public talk or the day of mindfulness?

    • http://kenleyneufeld.com Kenley Neufeld

      Both are a great place to begin for those new to the teachings. The primary difference is the length of the activity. A public talk will be contained, with a reserved seat, and last about 2-3 hours. The Day of Mindfulness is all day and you really have the opportunity to experience many different elements of the practice (eating and total relaxation are two you won’t get at the public talk). Both are appropriate for beginners.

      • Weina Dinata

        I am so excited to be part of this. I just started listening to his teaching. Do you know how long all day is? 9am till ?
        Thank you, hopeful beginner.

        • http://kenleyneufeld.com Kenley Neufeld

          Usually until mid-afternoon.

  • Lisa Newman

    Is anyone available for me to ride with. I have MS and it has been a dream of mine to see him. Please anyone that can help I will be forever grateful.
    I live in Rancho Bernardo. Very close to Escondido.

  • Lynn

    Haven’t been to one of these since 2001. Really looking forward to this

  • Todd Kelsey

    Looking forward to attending from Temecula/Anza area.

  • Joshua Hong

    What a gift this will be for me…

  • Ayleyaell

    Will there be a shuttle from the street up to the Monastery Parking? If there is, what time would it start, and what time approximately would the last one returning one from the Monastery to the street be? Breathing in, I smile. Breathing out, I smile.

    • http://kenleyneufeld.com Kenley Neufeld

      Unfortunately, the monastery does not offer a shuttle from Escondido up to the monastery (If that’s what you’re asking). You can walk or take a taxi.

  • Linda Bowie

    I live in vista ca
    I would like to find a car pool or ride share for this event
    On facenook

    • Linda Bowie

      Looking for car pool or ride share from vista to deer park for oct 20
      Please reply to lindabowie on facdbook

  • Chi

    I’ve just got this information on the radio. I live in Portland, Oregon and I am debating whether I should go or not. I’d love to see him (or want to be the same element) and I feel like I need to reset myself now. Air tickets, rental car and staying at motels are quite big expense for me. anyone has any good suggestions?

  • Daniel Seneor

    Hello everyone! I will attend the day of mindfulness on October 20 and have some questions since Ive never been there.

    You arrive to 2499 Melru Ln, and what comes next?Im trying to see the monastery on google maps and it has no street view, so is there a door? if there is is it open at all times?

    I read you walk from the parking to the meditation hall, where exactly is the meditation hall? how early can you arrive?

    Thank you all for reading my doubts, and thank you for helping me solve them!

    • http://kenleyneufeld.com Kenley Neufeld

      The map not point you in the correct direction. When you get to Melru Lane, you’ll want to turn right (some gps maps say left) and the entrance is on the left side with a large sign. After you enter the property, it’s about a mile up the road to the parking lot. There will be people present to direct you for parking. There will also be people to direct you to the meditation hall. Fear not, you will be with over 1000 people on this day. I would suggest arriving early (8am), and the gate will probably be open by 7am, to assure parking and finding the meditation hall.

      • Daniel Seneor

        Thank you!

  • natalie

    Hi! I’m looking forward to attending, what do you reccomend I should bring/wear/etc that day?

    • http://kenleyneufeld.com Kenley Neufeld

      No need to bring anything aside from yourself. Please dress comfortably and modestly (request no bare shoulders and midriffs).

  • Timothy Zaal Work Related

    I am a physically A impaired person (I use a cane)- looking for
    anyone traveling from the greater Los Angeles /east San Gabriel Pomona
    valley area to the event.

    If you want to carpool


  • zacheus

    What time does the day end?

    • http://kenleyneufeld.com Kenley Neufeld

      This day will likely end after lunch around 1:30pm.

  • Laura Carr

    I have a question about children…is this an event where children could attend?

    • http://kenleyneufeld.com Kenley Neufeld

      Yes, children are always welcome at Deer Park.

  • valerie schmidt

    It dosent say what it cost and how to register?

    • http://kenleyneufeld.com Kenley Neufeld

      No registration required; just show up and make a donation if you are able.

  • ty

    I’ve been to deer park before and would like to come and sit with the morning bell ring and chanting….if I remember right it is at 5am. Is that correct?

    • http://kenleyneufeld.com Kenley Neufeld

      There may not be sitting that morning and the gate may not be open that early. However, if we do sit it will be 5:45am.

      • ty

        OK but just to clarify…I’m asking about the morning outside bell with vietnamese chanting that happens to call in day

  • Mary

    I would like to carpool with anyone in the LA Area leave early morning Saturday Oct 19th to Escondido… call mary 213-500-5411