Về Nguồn

October 4-8 | Mindfulness Retreat in Vietnamese

Khóa tu tiếng Việt với chủ đề Về Nguồn là một trong năm khóa tu được hiến tặng tại những trung tâm tu học của chúng tôi ở Hoa Kỳ trong năm 2013. Khóa tu sẽ được hướng dẫn bởi Thầy Thích Nhất Hạnh và tăng đoàn Tu Viện Lộc Uyển, Tu Viện Mộc Lan, Tu Viện Bích Nham, và Làng Mai.

The Vietnamese retreat, with the theme Về Nguồn, is one of five retreats that are being offered in our practice centers in the US in 2013.The retreat will be led by Thich Nhat Hanh along with the monks and nuns of Deer Park Monastery, Magnolia Grove Monastery, Blue Cliff Monastery, and Plum Village.

Kính Thưa Quý Vị,

Ban văn phòng tu viện Lộc Uyển xin tạm thời đóng cửa vì quý sư cô lo phần ghi danh sẽ đi vắng trong 2 tuần để tháp tùng cùng Sư Ông Làng Mai tại Canada.

Nếu quý vị có ghi danh hay có câu hỏi gì thì trong vòng 3 tuần mới có câu trả lời. Hiện giờ phòng ngủ trong trailer còn rất ít chỗ và chỉ còn chỗ để cắm trại. Nếu quý vị có câu hỏi gì thì cứ viết thư và văn phòng sẽ trả lời sau ngày 20 tháng 8, năm 2013.

Đường truyền đăng ký (Registration Links)

Đăng ký ở ký túc xá (Dorm Registration) * SOLD OUT *
Đăng ký ở ký túc xá di động (Trailer Dorm Registration) * SOLD OUT *
Đăng ký ở lều (Tent Registration)

Xin chào qúy vị, hiện giờ chúng tôi đống phần ghi danh trên mạng, nếu quý vị muốn có thông tin hoặc ghi danh thì xin liên lạc trực tiếp với văn phòng theo địa chỉ email này:  clarity@dpmail.net  và ghi chú là ghi danh cho khóa tu.  Xin cảm ơn quý vị.

Khoa tu tieng viet REG 2013 (PDF)
Đơn Ghi Danh Khóa Tu Về Nguồn (PDF)

Khóa tu chào đón mọi người Việt, kể cả những người mới bắt đầu thực tập, những người đã tham dự các khóa tu trước, và gia đình có con nhỏ. Hạn chế đăng ký: Những người chỉ biết nói tiếng Anh nên đăng ký các khóa tu tiếng Anh.

The retreat is open to all Vietnamese, including beginners, those who have previously attended retreats, and families with children. Registration limitation: English-only speakers are asked to register for one of our English speaking retreats.

Như với các khóa tu khác, chúng tôi khuyến khích mọi người đi xe chung nếu có thể để giảm tác hại tới môi sinh. Xin dùng hệ thống lời bàn (commenting system) dưới đây để liên hệ với các bạn tu khác để đi xe chung và chia sẻ các phương cách giảm thiểu tác hại tới môi sinh.

As with all our retreats, we encourage participants to share rides wherever possible in order to reduce the environmental aspect of traveling. Please use the commenting system below to make connections with other participants to offer rides and insights on reducing the impact.

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  • Liz Gutierrez

    Hello, I am a 2nd generation Vietnamese American (born in the US). I would like to attend a retreat with my parents and we don’t know if we should attend the Vietnamese or English retreat. I can speak and understand conversational level Vietnamese but would likely not be able to understand dharma talks in Vietnamese. My parents can speak both Vietnamese and English well. Which retreat would you recommend for us? Also, if I have a 1 and a 4 year old, do you think that would be feasible to bring them along too?

    • http://kenleyneufeld.com Kenley Neufeld

      Hello Liz. The Vietnamese retreat is probably a little more intimate than our English speaking retreat, and there will be translation provided for the talks. If you attend, you’d probably want to let them know your level of Vietnamese language comfort so you can be placed into a group that speaks English (maybe). Your parents might feel more comfortable and happy in the Vietnamese Retreat, so I’d probably recommend that route.

      As for children, they are most welcome. However, we do not provide a program for those under the age of six. Therefore, you would need to take care of the young ones on your own (which they’d probably prefer too).

      Please come and practice with us. I think you’ll find the environment to be supportive and nourishing.

  • Linh Ho

    I want to come to the retreat on October 4-8 .Iam from Texas , I need to know if there are any travel agent to take care the whole packet to help me to get there from Texas?

    • http://kenleyneufeld.com Kenley Neufeld

      Hello friend. I am not aware of any all-inclusive package for you to get to the monastery from Texas. You will need to register for the stay using one of the links above and then arrange your own air and ground transportation needs. It is best to fly into San Diego and take a shuttle to the monastery.

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  • Michelle Nguyen

    Hello, I’m trying to book my flight for Oct 4-8 retreat, my first time. Could you share the check-in and check-out time? Do you have the shuttle schedule from san diego airport to monastery? And what do we need to bring? Thank you!

    • http://kenleyneufeld.com Kenley Neufeld

      Hi Michelle. The monastery does not provide a shuttle service from the airport and so attendees should make arrangements on their own or with others attending. Our English retreat page has more information on what to bring (which depends on the type of accommodations you registered for the retreat) and it will also be included in your confirmation email. Read the transportation page on the Deer Park site to determine best route to get from the airport.

  • Hinh Tran

    Hi Michelle and Linh, you can book your airfare online and take a taxi to Loc Uyen. Email us hinht@yahoo.com if you need further info.

    Liz, we brought our kids along when they were under 1 and 2. Everything was fine. Our kids love Loc Uyen.

  • Sammy Truong

    Hello There…..is there any local resident that live around Orange County that want to carpool to Deer Park?? It would be nice to have some company. Another question how is the route condition to the Monastery? It is like dirt route or regular street? Should I take the SUV or the sedan? Perfer to take the sedan to save gas. Please let me know…thank you.

    • ann nguyen

      I will be driving from Santa Barbara. This will be my first time to Deer Park and would love some company too. Where are you in Orange County, maybe we can meet there.

      • Sammy Truong

        Sorry Ann…you reply a little too late. I already found someone to carpool with me. Hope you find someone to carpool soon. :)

        • ann nguyen

          Thanks Sammy, i hope so too. I’ll see you at the retreat :)

  • Quiinn Nguyen

    Hello all, I’m planning to attend the Retreat on Oct 4-8. I was wondering if anyone would like to carpool with me to Deer Park from Garden Grove, CA or anywhere around the area? It’d be wonderful. Thank you.

    • Kim-Anh

      Q. have you got a carpool yet?

  • Kim-Anh

    Hello friends. I’m right at 101 in Santa Barbara and interested in carpool. I will take 101 then I-5 S or 405 to Deer Park. Please let me know if we can share ride. It will be great !! Also i have room for a female in the tent, if this could work for someone.
    Qui vi nao gan 101, 5, hoac 405 muon carpool chung thi xin cho toi biet. Toi co cho trong lieu ngu cho 1 nguoi nu, neu ai co can den. Sen bup xin tang ban.

    • Lam Mour

      Yes, we can carpool if you would like. We live in Westminster, Ca

      • Kim-Anh

        Yes, that would be great. Send me a note at vka300 [at] gmail [dot}com. thanks

  • Kailynn Pham

    Hello, I need to carpool from San Diego airport to Deer Park for the Retreat on
    Oct 4-8. I’m from Seattle and will arrive to San Diego airport on 10/04 around 9:00am.
    Is there anyone can give me a ride to Deer Park? Thank you,

  • Duc nghiep

    Hello all, I’m a Vietnamese monk, I’m going to take part in Vietnamese retreat. This is the first time I come San Diego, so i don’t know which is the best way to get Deer-park monastery from San Diego airport. I arrive San Diego airport at 9:30 am on Oct 4th. who can hep me? thank s. My email: thichducnghiep@gmail.com

    • http://kenleyneufeld.com Kenley Neufeld

      Dear Brother Monk. Thank you for writing your need here on the tour page. Have you had a chance to look at the Getting to Deer Park page?

  • titi hoang smith

    hi there, i m wondering if you have an idea of when the retreat starts and ends of october 4-8. also if you know of any van/shuttle available from san diego airport. i m a flight attendant , and can be flexible with my schedule . if there is no shuttle , i would rent a car, and be more than happy to give a ride to and from Deer park . Namaste. T.T.

    • http://kenleyneufeld.com Kenley Neufeld

      Hello friend. We invite people to arrive before dinner (5:30pm or 6:00pm) so to have an opportunity to register and settle before a meal and evening activities. The retreat ends after lunch on the 8th, so plan for around 1:30pm. There is no formal shuttle service but you can arrange with others, like the person below (Duc Nghiep) to share a ride. Here’s our Getting to Deer Park page too.

    • Ron Pham

      We have cloud 9 shuttle pickup at 10:00 am on Friday, if interested please email rtp142@yahoo.com

      • Kailynn Pham

        Hello Ron,
        Thank you for the information. Sorry I did not check this web post unitl now. Please reserve one seat for me. thank you!
        My email: kailynn2129@gmail.com
        cell: (206) 356 8011